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Angelina Ramos: Coaching to Make a Difference

November 11, 2021 Matt Fitzgerald & Hanna Hunstad Season 1 Episode 18
80/20 Endurance
Angelina Ramos: Coaching to Make a Difference
Show Notes

It is often said that coaching isn’t a job, it’s a calling, and Angelina Ramos is living proof of this. Her immense passion for coaching and her selfless commitment to the runners she leads at Ball State University are unmistakable. In this wide-ranging interview, Angelina talks to Matt and Hanna about everything from balancing coaching with her own running to her role as an advisor to the 80/20 Endurance Foundation’s Coaches of Color Initiative. We’re confident that, after listening to this episode, you’ll want a coach just like Angelina Ramos!

Coaches of Color Initiative Apprenticeship Application

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